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Notice on collecting materials for the revision of the Association website and the operation of the wechat public account

作者: 点击:753 Release time: 2019-12-23

Each member单位

Promoting member enterprises is the basic work of the associationJiangxi Province disinfection products industry associationSince its establishment, in the promotion of our provinceDisinfection product industryEntrepreneur image,Reflect the voice of enterprises,Disseminating policy information and typical corporate experience, etcA lot of fruitful work。However, the disinfection products industry in our province has many enterprises, large volume and high requirements, and the publicity work of the association is far from meeting the needs of the majority of member units。

Institute from2019年9月Since the transition, after careful research,To meet the needs of member units,Adapt to the requirements of the changing situation,With the approval of the President, the AssociationDecide against the associationThe original website was revised and the association was improvedWechat public account运行。At present, the relevant platform construction work has been basically ready, and it is planned to be completed in 2011912Officially launched。为使网络The platform content is more enriched,广大会员单位Solicitation of information will now be relevant事项Notice is as follows:

一、协会Entrepreneur column:

This column is set up for publicityJiangxi Province disinfection product industryEntrepreneur image。Mainly for members单位Chinese entrepreneurs personal publicity and style display。

Need to provideChairman (or general manager) work photo, entrepreneur main performance materials about 800 words, mainly including entrepreneur personal profile, important honors, main business performance and management results。

Ii. Membership单位栏目:

This column is for members单位The promotion is divided into two columns: "Member enterprises" and "Member dynamics"。

Among them, the column of "Member enterprise" needs to provide the enterprise'sA special article with a word limit of about 1500 words, including the development process of the enterprise, industry status, business scope of the enterprise, production and operation expertise of the enterprise, upstream and downstream business enterprises, etc. (The text should be true and accurate), can be accompanied by 2-3 pictures。

As a dynamic column, the main contents include: supply and demand information of member enterprises, honors won by enterprises and entrepreneurs, reports on important activities of enterprises, introduction of enterprise products and new services, etc.This column will oftenUpdate once, no more than 500 words。

3. Operation process

1. Each member单位Need to identify a specific undertaker, will "call for members.单位The Information Receipt will be sent to the Secretariat by email to facilitate work connection。

2, after receiving this notice, please prepare the relevant information as soon as possible, and in 20191215It was sent to the secretariat of the Association by E-mail。

3. After receiving the materials, the Association will edit and organize them, and push and promote them free of charge on the association website and wechat public account。

Contact information: Secretary Wu  18970869377 (wechat same number) 0791-83791586 E-mail:870842117qq.com           

    地    址:Room 1806, 18 / F, Yuanchuang International Building, Honggutan, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province


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1, the enterprise website will be in the "member enterprise" column to do friendship links, to facilitate further understanding between members。

      2. Open telephone refers to the telephone used for contact between members when there is a need。

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